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Industry Breakthrough
After many years of development, the first mass finishing vibrator was launched in 1956. This was a little technical sensation, which resulted in an enormous boost for Trowal by means of the extremely enlarged range of applications.  The coming of the vibrator, with a performance more than ten times higher than conventional barrels, was also the beginning of the end of the hexagonal barrel de-burring and polishing technique.  Then, in quick succession, many trail-blazing inventions, which have determined the shape and future of surface finishing, were launched by the Walther Trowal organisation.  Examples of these are outlined below:


  • The invention of geometrically shaped grinding chips in both ceramic and plastic. 
  • The development of the circular vibrator with integrated screening system.
  • The invention of centrifugal force grinding machines, and then finally;
  • Development of the ultra-modern drag finishing technology.


Environmental Awareness
In the course of increasing environmental awareness, a special waste water system for surface finishing was developed.  With the introduction of re-cycling technology and the use of ultra-modern, centrifugal filtering machines, "mass finishing without waste water" became a reality. Up to this point it was considered to be an impossibility.


Continued Innovation
The latest development by Trowal is the M-TMD drag finishing machine, which is used for high-quality and delicate work pieces consisting of extremely hard, difficult to machine materials.

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