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Let our experience in surface finishing help you save money on your parts finishing costs!

With 75 years of company history working every day in the mass finishing industry, we can develop a process for you from start to finish. Walther Trowal specializes in all aspects of the finishing process. From manufacturing the correct finishing media, the correct process equipment, wastewater & material handling components, we can help you produce the lowest per piece finishing cost available today!


We have specialists who will work with you in all areas of the mass finishing applications. These areas include mass finishing equipment (manual or automatic), deburring media, including plastic and ceramic chips (media), shot blasting equipment, wastewater treatment technologies including effluent recycling systems and pre- and post- finishing material handling systems.  We are focused on getting you the correct economic and environmentally safe solution to lower your parts finishing costs. Please contact us today, so we can start improving your parts finishing quality today!

Step-by-step, this variety results in a multitude of optimizations, cross-linkings, extensions or advancements. For more than 75 years, we have conceived, produced and sold customized and individual solutions for a variety of different challenges in "Surface Finishing."  We have improved productivity and profitability using the latest, state-of-the-art technologies - always  working in close cooperation with our customers. We are able to add value, economically and ecologically to your finishing processes.


Ask our employees! We would be pleased to work with you on any of your finishing challenges!

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