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Media and Compounds


The right combination

Trowalizing is not just a single method of surface treatment but offers a wide spectrum of alternatives to modify and improve the surface of different kinds of components.
Optimum processing results are achieved by utilizing the right combination of Trowal machine with Trowal media and compounds.


The media

Trowal offers a complete media program for all possible applications. In more than 60 years, a sophisticated assortment of media and polishing media was developed with various materials, sizes, geometric shapes and qualities. For rough grinding or to achieve a pre-plate finish, Trowal always offers the optimum media from in-house production.

Ceramic media
For these chips, the grinding mineral is bound in ceramic material. Due to the high density, a high grinding pressure is produced. Thorough deburring and bright, shining surfaces are typical features.
Plastic media
In these chips the grinding mineral is bound in polyester resin. High abrasive performance and fine surfaces especially on non-ferrous metals characterize this chip.
Flocculation compounds
The classic method to clean processing water. Abrasion of chips and metal as well as oil is bound to large flakes within the processing liquid and separated from the water.
Compounds are used to increase the grinding performance of the chips and to clean or passivate work pieces, the chips remaining clean and abrasive.
Special Chips & Compounds
For special and extraordinary processing requirements, our special media are used. These are, for example used for pressure deburring and ball burnishing.

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