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Special Chips & Compounds

Steel medium
for pressure deburring and ball burnishing.
Mainly used are
- Steel balls (2,5 – 5,0 mm diameter)
- Satellites
- Pins
Available in various stainless steel qualities. Prices upon request.


Glass beads
For light and gentle removal of fine burrs from parts with complex geometry. Glass beads have the advantage of not lodging in cavities on the parts:
Glass beads in sizes from 2 – 10 mm


Drying media
Finished parts can easily be dried in a heated vibrator which is filled with corn cob, wood chips or plastic granules. Granules do not only dry, but also clean the parts from slightly adhesive abrasion:

Corn cob:
Good drying action with polishing effect.


Trowapol granulates:
Plastic drying media, cleans the parts from any residues.


Anti- adhesion-media
Flat, thin parts (i.e. washers) tend to stick to each other which causes an uneven finishing result. Anti-adhesion balls prevent such sticking:
     ATK: mix of micro balls, special size distribution

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