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Coating of small parts

With this efficient and cost effective process, the small parts to be coated are fed into the encapsulated rotating drum, as bulk material. One or alternatively two spraying automates spray the coating material uniformly onto the small mass produced parts, which roll off one from the other. These parts may consist of various plastics, elastometers, metals or wood. Either water or solvent based lacquers can be used.

Variety of models

A precisely graduated type series is available for the multitude of coating tasks. It is a modular system, flexibly expandable, for standard and special solutions.


Rotamat R 55
The coating of small parts must be comfortable, first class and economic. With a filling volume of up to 8 litres per batch, our version for "small series" offers a wealth of advantages.
Rotamat R 70, R 90
The models, conceived for the medium field of performance, can be adapted with many options. Drum volumes of up to 50 litres will convince everyone.
Rotamat R 90 C
The high performance and premium class can be configurated and automated according to special wishes and requiremens. Not only the "real" filling volume of up to 75 litres is a peak value.

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