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Mass finishing Technology

Nature sets the example

The mass finishing process has been copied from nature where the constant grinding of water and sand transforms stones into perfectly rounded pebbles. With the invention of "intelligent" media (chips) and compounds, Trowal developed this natural grinding process into a modern finishing technique, which has become paramount in modern manufacturing systems. Trowal has been synonymous with modern metal processing for many years. The mass finishing process is determined by the interplay between the finishing machine, media (chips), compound and water. During this process, the media (chips) act on the work pieces like numerous little files.


Trowal can offer solutions for practically every metal finishing problem.  With more than 50 years experience combined with our extensive range of machinery, media (chips) and compounds, we can develop tailor-made finishing methods for the treatment of our customer's work pieces.


Circular Vibrators
Circular vibrators as universal mass finishing machines can be used for a multitude of work pieces and processing aims.
Centrifugal disc finishing
Turbotron centrifugal disc finishing machines are characterized by an extremely high intensity of processing. Compared with mass finishing vibrators, their grinding performance is up to 10 times higher.
Continuous Vibrators
Trowal continuous vibrators are especially designed for the continuous processing in one cycle, the work pieces being fed is in a pulse controlled way.
Trough Vibrators
Trowal vibratory troughs are used for trowalizing of medium and large scale work pieces. In general, the work pieces to be processed are fed loosely into the trough.
Drag finishing machines
This technology, developed by Walther Trowal, is a special process for the surface treatment of premium, delicate parts and extremely hard, heavy to machine materials.
Mini barrels / Rotating barrels
After the mass finishing process, the processed parts are wet and have to be dried in most cases. The Trowal machinery program therefore includes a multitude of driers.
Apart from the comprehensive machine program, Walther Trowal also offers a wide range of equipment. These allow processing systems which are ideally adapted to the individual processing task.

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