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Circular vibrators

Trowal circular vibrators are universally used for practically any finishing application.
They can be used for cutting-back, fine finishing, polishing and generating specific finishes before pre-plating. They are suitable either as economic "stand-alone" machines or for integration into automated manufacturing systems.

CB Circular Vibrator
It is for aggressive deburring and edge radiussing up to high gloss polish of delicate work pieces.
CD Circular Vibrator
Universal and economic. Available with gross volumes of 110 up to 1200 litres. Perfectly suited for large delicate parts.
CM Circular Vibrator
Without integrated screening device. For large, heavy and delicate work pieces. At choice with pneumatic drain of the work bowl.
MV Multivibrator
For the domain of deburring, smoothing, polishing of parts cost intensive contours and high value individual parts, Walther Trowal has developed the circular vibrator model range MV 25.

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