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Why effluent treatment?

After vibratory finishing the effluent (dirty process water) contains abrasive and metal fines, frequently also oil and metal in solution. For this reason the effluent must be cleaned before going to drain or being recycled back to the finishing process.


Centrifugal Filters

Abrasive and metal fines as well as trapped oil are separated from the process water by way of centrifugal force and can be removed as solid sludge. The cleaned process water can be re-used and is pumped back to the finishing machine.


Recycling is ”in“...

The recycling of the process water from the finishing process does not only reduce the consumption of water (up to 98%), but it also reduces the usage of compound (up to 90%). In addition, it reduces the cost of waste disposal.


ZM basket centrifuge
This model is an easy-to-handle, robust construction with manual removal and discharge of the sludge basket. In one cycle, up to 14 litres of sludge (19 kg) can be separated.
ZA automatic peeling centrifuge
The PLC controlled ZA cleans up to 2000 litres of mass finishing process water per hour. The sludge separated in the rotating drum is fully automatic scraped into a sludge container.

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