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Flocculation plants

Flocculation for effluents going to drain

By flocculation, contaminants like media and metal fines, metal in solution and oil, are removed from the effluent. After flocculation, the water can be discharged to drain in full compliance with legal requirements. Unfortunately, with this treatment method, the compound used in the finishing process is also lost and must be continuously replaced!


Crystal clear water
All effluents from mass finishing - also acidic or alkaline - can be transformed into clear water with a Trowalpur flocculation system. The clear water is in full compliance with legal requirements for discharge to drain.


Flocculation systems can also be used for process water recycling. Especially the semi-automatic RT... range which can easily be adapted for a recycling operation. The powder flocculants ESM is especially suitable for use in recycling operations.

If parts tending to corrode are processed, recycling with flocculation systems is limited!



Flocculation systems - RT Range
If the produced daily water quantity is ≤ 3000 litres, it can be flocculated batchwise in an easy-to-handle, economic RT machine.
Flocculation plants - DO & GA Range
With a performance of up to 2000 litres per hour, the fully automatic, PLC controlled GA or DO machines are specially suited for big mass finishing companies.

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