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Numerous manufacturers of capital and industrial goods offer their customers a comprehensive range of after-sales services which are often entirely separated from their product offerings. In the future the progressive, forward looking capital and industrial goods companies will bundle their physical products with their customer support services into a range of so-called service products. WALTHER TROWAL has taken this innovative approach already for many years and will continue to further expand it. We have demonstrated this fact by naming our after-sales service department TROWAL SERVICE, because our goal is to offer our customers the total solution, from maintenance, repairs and spare parts all the way up to the most complex service products. An example of our innovative approach is the TROWAL exchange work bowl program.



Exchange Work Bowls
The protective lining of your mass finishing machine is worn and needs to be replaced. You are concerned that you will lose the use of your machine for several weeks during the lead time for the reline? No problem with WALTHER TROWAL.

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