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Trowal Service

Your relationship with WALTHER TROWAL does not end with the purchase of a Trowal machine. Your purchase is actually only the beginning: We will assist you with any concerns, problems and questions relating to your Trowal equipment and your finishing process. And it goes without saying that we support our customers with their existing or newly purchased used equipment, even though some of these machines may be more than 50 years old. For us service is not a question of the age of the equipment!
To facilitate your accessibility to our technical support we have reorganized our TROWAL SERVICE into four different service functions. The following pictograms will guide you directly to the respective service function and the correct contact person.

Spare parts
An essential aspect for a good spare parts service is the identification of the required parts and their timely procurement. This is of particular importance for old equipment. And in this respect WALTHER TROWAL is an exemplary partner.
Many times a repair is more than just the simple replacement of parts. For example, an imbalance unit requires not only the installation of the actual assembly but also the careful preparation of the mounting flange on the work bowl. This calls for professional help.
Process technology
Only the optimal interaction of machine, media & compounds and process water treatment produces the desired finishing results. The combination of these 3 elements is defined as process technology.
Electrical controls
Electronic components and PLC controllers facilitate the linking and automation of finishing systems and adaption of finishing processes to the specific customer requirements. For this reason, the use of electronic controls has become quite common, even for stand-alone machines.

Your Contact Person

Klaus Peter Dose
Tel: +49 (0)2129-571-566
Fax: +49 (0)2129-571-600

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