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Electronic modules and their respective software are of central importance for any type of new equipment. Older machines generally only contain relatively simple electrical components. With a equipment service life of many years, in some instances more than 50 years, such electrical components will not only fail but are frequently no longer available. But one way or another they must be replaced which will often require an extensive search in the market place. Of course, such situations require intensive, technical support by phone. To provide you with quick access to a knowledgeable person we have assigned one fulltime electrical specialist in our service department to this function.



In order provide solutions to your electrical problems, we need your help. The following information will help you to resolve your problems in a timely manner:

  • The identification number of the electrical schematics

You will find this number on the serial number plate of the control panel. Should this serial number plate be no longer available, the following information will help:

  • Model name of the machine
  • Order number (KA number or Kom. number) and/or machine serial number
  • Year of manufacture

You will normally find this information on the equipment serial number plate. For many machines the serial number plate is mounted to the machine base; sometimes it is mounted to the control panel. Simply send us a digital photo of the serial number plate.



Programmable electronic modules like frequency inverters require the setting of certain parameters before going into operation. Before simply dispatching such a frequency inverter to you, we parameterize it for your equipment in line with the data available to us. And we only ship it after it has been thoroughly tested for your application.


One last remark:

Once an electrical/electronic component has arrived at your premises, and you have problems with the installation, please click here for help.

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