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Process Technology


WALTHER TROWAL does not only manufacture equipment but also offers solutions for treating and finishing the surface of a wide range of work pieces. This includes all the required grinding, polishing media, compounds and waste water treatment systems for all kinds of surface finishing applications. Especially with regard to innovative waste water treatment solutions, in recent years TROWAL has become the leading supplier of process water recycling systems for mass finishing processes. In recycling systems the process water does not go to drain but is re-used in the surface finishing process.



Our process water recycling systems, compounds and flocculants were developed for optimum interaction with each other. But in the case of new finishing processes we frequently do not know what contaminants the work pieces might carry into the process water. This can cause technical problems which were not foreseeable during the planning phase. In such cases you will receive quick technical assistance by one of our process engineers in the service department. Many times a phone consultation is already sufficient to solve such problems.



Process water recycling systems work best, when all process parameters are in balance. This means that the same contaminants are always carried into the process water in the same quantities. Or to express this in practical terms: In a given finishing process the same work piece quantities containing the same contaminants are processed.

Even a small change of the work piece spectrum can cause problems with the process water recycling process. In such instances the solution may be found with just one phone call to our service department. With more than 20 years experience in process water recycling we have gained a lot of theoretical and empirical knowledge which we want to share with you.

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