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Spare Parts

Because of their sturdy design and robust build the machines and systems from WALTHER TROWAL have an extremely long life; in some instances they have been in use for more than 50 years. However this equipment longevity is also a reflection of our spare parts philosophy that can be simply expressed as for our customers each and every component must be procured!
Regularly needed spare parts for equipment up to 10 years old are available ex-stock for immediate delivery in 90% of all cases. For older equipment the availability for immediate delivery is still at least 60%. Spare parts not carried in stock can be procured or manufactured within a few days.

The quickest way to identify the required spare part(s) is the part list of your Trowal equipment. There you will find the part number & description allowing us to clearly identify the part(s) in question. If you no longer have the part list, or such a part list has never been created which in the case of decades old equipment may sometimes be possible, photos of the machine details can be extremely helpful. In order to ensure that this approach will produce the correct results we need the following information from you:
•    Model name of the machine
•    Order number (KA number or Kom. number) and/or machine serial number
•    Year of manufacture

You will normally find this information on the equipment serial number plate. For many machines the serial number plate is mounted to the machine base; sometimes it is mounted to the control panel. Simply send us a digital photo of the serial number plate.

Once the part has been identified and is in stock, we immediately dispatch it so that it should arrive at your premises within 2-3 working days. We are working with all leading logistical service companies so that in urgent cases spare parts can also be delivered to you with a turnaround time of 24 hours. If a machine is down, and you require immediate help, within Germany special courier services can deliver spare parts within a few hours. Due to customs regulations and air freight schedules shipments abroad may take one or two days longer.

One last remark:
Once a part has arrived at your premises, and you have problems with the installation, please click here for help.

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