TROWAL (Trommel Walther) has been the byword for innovative mass finishing for decades. The history of the present-day company, Walther Trowal, hence is merely identical with the history of mass finishing!


A multitude of applications

An extremely wide range of processing possibilities resulted from the initial trowalising (see choice box bottom left). With these, work pieces made of different materials and/or alloys as well as manufacturing technologies can be modified, improved, hardened and tempered. It is always productive, economic, environmentally compatible and state of the art.



Customers consider the TROWAL possibilities for surface treatment as leading in the market. In order to consolidate this result for the future, we closely co-operate with all users. This helps to optimize continuously these possibilities and the high quality of our products, process as well as services. Each of our employees feels personally responsible to adhere to our high quality standards.


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