• CD circular vibrator with view of work bowl

  • Pneumatically operated separator flap

  • Large separation zone

CD circular vibrator

Robust mass finishing machines with separation zone

The CD series of circular vibrators are robustly built and stand out thanks to their wide range of potential uses. From polishing and smoothing to deburring, the integrated screening unit helps easily separate workpiece and abrasive media using a manually or pneumatically powered separator flap. The CD circular vibrators are available in configurations from 110 to 1,200 litres of gross volume.

Perfect configuration for large workpieces

Thanks to the flat bowl bottom and the large opening between the bowl bottom and the separator flap, processing your large and sensitive workpieces is easy. CD circular vibrators also have a large separation zone for simple separation of flat components.

The benefits at a glance
  • Integrated screening unit
  • Manually or pneumatically powered separator flap
  • 110 to 1,200 litres gross volume
  • Flat bowl bottom
  • Extra-long separation zone

Application Images

  • Smoothing aluminium profiles

  • Grinding and smoothing punched parts

  • Removing the oxidation layer on silver cutlery