• AM 3 Multivibrator

  • AM 3 with process water treatment system

  • AM 3 from above

  • AM 3 included in system

  • AM 3 cabin closed

  • AM 3 cabin partly open

  • AM 3 cabin open

  • AM 3 with operator

AM Multivibrators

Made for additive manufacturing

The mass finishing technology is a perfect match for additive manufacturing: In one single process the grinding media is smoothing out the surface roughness on 3D printed components, which among other reasons is caused by staircasing, support structure remnants and sintered-on powder residues.

Ideal for complex component shapes

Mass finishing has proven to be the ideal surface finishing method for geometrically complex work pieces with an optimized topology, such as orthopedic implants:  The media, continuously rubbing against the work pieces, generates an even and gentle deburring, surface smoothing or polishing effect; not only on the external surface but also on difficult-to-reach internal passages, such as drilled holes and undercuts.

A cost-efficient technology for perfect surface finishes

The AM post process machines run fully automatically and guarantee absolute repeatability of the finishing results. And in contrast to electro-chemical systems, they produce the required surface smoothness and luster in one single process stage. Mass finishing also offers the advantage that the respective machinery is highly compact and requires very little space.

Your benefits at a glance:
  • Specially developed for additive manufacturing
  • Ideal for geometrically complex components
  • Smooth surfaces and luster in one single process stage
  • Absolutely consistent and repeatable finishing results
  • High cost-efficiency

Application Images

  • Smoothing of blades

  • Smoothing of intake air duct

  • Grinding of blisk segments

  • Grinding of clips

  • Pre-grinding and polishing of a topologically optimized holder

  • Pre-grinding and polishing of a topologically optimized aerospace holder

  • Pre-grinding and smoothing of nozzles

  • Grinding and deburring of dental shingles

  • Grinding and polishing of an earpiece of a hearing aid