• E5 mini barrel with closed cover

  • Mini barrel with opened cover

  • E5 with attachment pedestals and two additional barrel bodies

  • Polyurethane barrel body

E5 mini barrel

The efficient solution for small production series

Are you looking for a solution that is a more economical choice than a larger Trowal system? Then look no further than our E5 mini barrel. It is perfect for deburring and abrasion, above all on small workpieces from the optical and fine mechanics industries. The double-conically shaped rotating barrel body generates an intense rotation to achieve the perfect abrasion result.

Sophisticated technology

The mini barrel stands on a steel sheet construction with four pedestals. The barrel bodies are secured to a drive roller and support roller with locking rings. The barrel body is made from polyurethane and the quick-action cap is waterproof.

Special equipment

It is also possible to attach two additional barrel bodies if necessary. These are driven via a roller system that is fully variable thanks to a three-phase motor. The cover can also be ordered with safety switches.

The benefits at a glance
  • Ideal for small workpieces
  • Double-conically shaped rotating barrel body generates intense rotation
  • Waterproof quick-action cap
  • Polyurethane barrel body

Application Images

  • Fine finishing of die-cast parts

  • Polishing aluminium sleeves

  • Polishing pencil sharpener blades

  • Polishing clips for ball-point pens