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Corrosion protection, cleaning and degreasing

Alongside the abrasive media, the use of the right compounds is important for mass finishing. Your workpieces must be cleaned, degreased or protected against corrosion during the procedure, depending on the workpieces you would like to process. We offer a wide range of standard compounds here.

Special compounds

Acid resistance, low foaming and pickling action are important factors in some mass finishing tasks. We offer a variety of special compounds with the required additional properties.

Polishes and powder compounds

The right surface finish also plays an important role for many materials. To achieve this, we offer three different polishing processes:

  • Trowapast procedure
    Do you want to polish hard and rough surfaces, such as steel, stainless steel and brass, to a high gloss? In the Trowpast procedure, the surfaces are gently processed over several hours. The powder concentrate is selected according to the roughness and alloying of your workpieces.
  • Ball burnishing
    This fast and cost-effective process gives an attractive gloss to aluminium, brass, stainless steel and die-cast zinc.
  • Abrasion support
    A range of powder compounds is available to help you improve abrasion performance. You can also use them to clean and roughen abrasive media that are greasy and too smooth respectively.
Turbo degreasing

If you need to remove large amounts of grease, or do so in difficult-to-reach areas, we recommend adding additional degreasing powder. This is known as shock degreasing.

Pickling agents

Powdered pickling agents are often easier to handle. Our Z1 agent is excellent for pickling, deburring and derusting.

The benefits at a glance
  • Compounds clean, degrease and protect against corrosion
  • Powder compounds suitable for workpiece polishing
  • Degreasing powder removes stubborn grease residues

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