Flocculant compounds

For deep process water cleaning

After mass finishing, the process water contains abrasive material and abraded metal, and often even oil. Regardless of whether you want to recycle or dispose of the water, you must clean it. Before discharging the water into the sewer system, you must also reduce the levels of other harmful substances such as COD and metals.

Liquid flocculants – Ideal for automatic systems

Flocculants help bind tiny dirt particles in fluids. If you use an automatic flocculant unit, we recommend liquid flocculant, as it is easier to dose. LAC stops the effect of tensides and forms micro-flocs, while F enlarges the flocs and clears the water.

Powder flocculant – For manual flocculation

Do you flocculate manually? Then a powder flocculant is the better choice. We recommend ESM for oily water, whilst ESB is the more economical option for oil-free water.

The benefits at a glance
  • Flocculants clean the process water
  • Liquid flocculants for automatic systems
  • Powder flocculants for manual flocculation

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