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Plastic abrasive media

Gentle, splinter-free processing

If you are looking to process soft surfaces like die-cast metal, Trowal plastic abrasive media are the best choice as they allow you to process your workpieces even more gently. Another advantage is that the material composition of the plastic abrasive media prevents them from splintering.

Plastic abrasive media retain their shape

Despite becoming smaller during the mass finishing process due to self-abrasion, the abrasive media retain their shape. Depending on the surface quality of the workpieces, the media must be replaced once they reach a certain size in order to prevent them from jamming in bore holes or openings.

The right abrasive media for every result

Choosing the correct abrasive media can go a long way towards getting the desired result. That is why our product range offers a variety of abrasive media in different sizes, shapes and abrasion performances. This also ensures that the abrasive media are able to reach every part of the workpiece being processed without becoming jammed.

Mass finishing on difficult-to-reach areas

We developed the so-called nipple specifically for finishing and deburring on difficult-to-reach areas, so that you can remove even deep-lying burrs. The special shape also prevents the media from jamming in workpieces.

The benefits at a glance
  • Gentle, splinter-free processing
  • Abrasive media retain their shape
  • CX abrasive media for aluminium and zinc
  • Long service life
  • Wide range of plastic abrasive media

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