• MC unit with abrasive media

  • Separation zone of an MC unit

  • MC continuous unit with abrasive media return transport

MC unit

Continuous trowalizing of sensitive parts

The MC range of continuous units allows you to continuously process large quantities, with no need to interrupt the mass finishing process to add new workpieces. Measuring up to 25 m in length, the work channel helps the MC units achieve high throughput speeds. This allows you to degrease and deburr small to medium sensitive parts, without them coming into contact with each other.

The benefits at a glance
  • Continuous workpiece processing
  • Interruption-free workpiece loading
  • Working channel up to 25 m in length
  • Contactless mass finishing
  • Easy to integrate in fully automated mass finishing processes
  • Simple material handling without batch loading

Application Images

  • Awning bracket

  • Fuel manifold

  • Motor part

  • Pump housing

  • Pump housing