Functional and operational safety

Manufacturing methods like casting, stamping/blanking, saw cutting or machining have one thing in common: Most of the time the actual forming process creates unwanted burs. These impact the functionality of the work pieces and pose the risk of injury.

The challenge: The burs must be removed without taking off too much material from other surface areas of the work piece. Also, bending of the burs must be prevented.

Our grinding media, specially developed for deburring tasks, effectively remove the burs but are much more gentle on other surface areas of the work pieces. On work pieces with complex geometrical shapes our media reach surface areas, which are very difficult to debur by hand.  

Based on the work piece material and shape, as well as the severity of the burs, we determine the right combination of processing machine, media and compound. We also assist in the integration of our machines and peripheral equipment into the customer’s  manufacturing operation.