trowaclean BRS 20 detergent

Gentle cutlery cleaning at low water temperatures

This special detergent offers powerful cleaning even in cold mains water, with the ideal temperature around 30°C. This means that in addition to perfectly cleaned cutlery, you can also cut costs, as there is no need to heat or specially treat the water.

On to rinsing and drying

After cleaning with trowaclean BRS 20, your cutlery is safe to use and shows no noticeable detergent residues. If you wish to fully neutralise the detergent however, simply rinse the cutlery with normal mains water after cleaning and then dry. The best product to use for drying is the trowapol GTM 300 granulate.

The benefits at a glance
  • Full cleaning power at low water temperatures
  • No need for specially treated water
  • Cutlery can be used straight after cleaning