For effective cleaning and drying of cutlery

Whether you need detergent, drying granules or polishing media, we can supply you with all the consumables required to ensure spotlessly clean cutlery. We produce all consumables ourselves so that we can guarantee Walther Trowal quality.

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trowaclean BRS 20 detergent

Use this special cleaner to thoroughly clean your cutlery with no residues. It is best suited for use at low water temperatures around 30°C.

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trowapol GTM 300 drying granulate

This low-dust drying granulate is made from corncob shot, and helps ensure spotless, reliable drying after your cutlery has been rinsed.

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BPS polishing media

BPS polishing media free your cutlery of stains, rust and scratches, whilst polishing it to a high gloss.

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