Cutlery cleaning

We produce efficient cutlery cleaning units and process media to help you get spotless cutlery, even when dealing with large quantities and stubborn, dried-on stains.

HTS process for spotless cleaning

We have developed a new process for cleaning cutlery and kitchen accessories for large kitchens or catering services, based on mass finishing. The Hydromechanical Three-Stage process helps you clean, dry and polish large quantities of cutlery in just a single work step. It can even remove stubborn dried-on stains, rust or pitting fully automatically with stunning results. We can also supply the necessary consumables such as detergent, drying medium and polishing media.

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Cutlery cleaning units

Our cutlery cleaning units let you clean 1,250 to 5,000 items of cutlery per hour quickly, thoroughly and efficiently. Ideal for non-food caterers and tabletop leasing companies.

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BRA 900/1200/2500

To make sure your cutlery is thoroughly cleaned and dried, we also supply detergent, drying granulate and polishing media made in our own production facility.

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