Rounding edges

Applying a precisely defined radius to sharp edges

Work pieces with rounded edges have better sliding characteristics. A typical example are the tongues of safety belt locks. Mass finishing permits the rounding of sharp edges with a pre-defined radius.  

In comparison to deburring tasks the edge radiusing function demands a considerably higher grinding performance. The most suitable combination  of machine, media and compound can be determined with processing trials in the test lab of Walther Trowal.

Our edge radiusing media  produce a high metal removal rate at the edges but are much more gentle on the flat surface areas of the work pieces. On work pieces with complex geometrical shapes our media reach surface areas with edges, which are very difficult to treat by hand.  

Our machinery for edge radiusing:

  • Rotary vibrators:
    All-round mass finishing machines for many applications.
  • Centrifugal disk finishing machines:
    Compared to rotary vibrators a multiple-fold higher grinding intensity. Ideal for small and midsize work pieces. Optionally available as double-batch systems.
  • Drag finishers:
    Drag finishers have an even higher grinding intensity than centrifugal disk machines. Ideal for processing high-value work pieces. 
  • Tub vibrators:
    Normally the work pieces are freely tumbling in the rectangular processing bowl. Delicate work pieces can be mounted to special fixtures or treated individually in separate processing chambers.