• Scale layer removed by blasting

  • Removing of scale layer after forging

  • Descaling of compressor blades

  • Blasted steering knuckle of a passenger car

  • Blasted transverse control arm

  • Blasted blank of a circlip pliers

  • Blasted transmissions gear wheels

  • Cleaning of upper and lower dies

  • Blasting of claw pole halves of an alternator

  • Pregrinded and polished knife blades

Forging industry

In order to meet strict quality and functional requirements, forgings must have a clean, smooth and homogeneous surface.

Forging scale, oxides and tempering color must be completely removed from the work piece surface. Since some components will be visible during their final use,  an even, uniform surface can also be a critical characteristic.

Especially in the field of finishing work pieces forged from non-ferrous metals Walther Trowal is a technological leader.

Depending on the respective surface requirements it must be determined, if mass finishing or shot blasting represent the best solution for the customer. The considerations must not only include the quality of the surface finish but also the costs. Our experts will be pleased to advise you.

Shot blasting machines

In our troughed belt continuous flow shot blast machines, type THM, the forgings are continuously passing through the blast chamber. The troughed belt causes them to gently tumble over each other. This ensures an all-around intensive but gentle shot blasting process.

Since the forgings can be fed continuously into the shot blast machine – at the exact speed of the manufacturing line – our THM systems are the ideal solution for interlinked manufacturing processes. That is why they are increasingly replacing batch tumblast or spinner hanger shot blast machines.

Mass finishing machines

Frequently, whenever the forgings are finished in batches, rotary and tub vibrators or centrifugal disk finishing machines are utilized

Whenever the forgings arrive continuously, and the finishing equipment must be integrated into a manufacturing line, continuous flow vibrators represent the best solution.

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