Pickling, descaling, derusting

Completely clean and ready for the next manufacturing stage

Mill scale and rust are not only very hard but are also tightly clinging to the surface of castings and forgings. Therefore, the blast or mass finishing grinding media used for descaling and de-rusting require a high impact energy, respectively, a high pressure on the work piece surface.

Trowal offers two different processing systems that can be used for a wide spectrum of different work pieces, from mass produced bulk goods, small parts with complex shapes to larger work pieces such as crankshafts:

  • Shot blasting in continuous feed shot blast machines
  • Mass finishing (“Trowalizing”) in rotary and tub vibrators

With the addition of automatic material handling systems both machine types can be easily integrated into complete manufacturing lines. Moreover, both processing methods generate a welcome side effect: Especially in conjunction with mass finishing equipment burs are removed and sharp edges are rounded.

The result: Cost-effective descaling and de-rusting, a clean surface finish and trouble-free processing of the work pieces in subsequent manufacturing steps.