• Smoothed blades for aviation

  • Smoothed intake air duct

  • Grinded blisk segments

  • Grinded clips

  • Topologically optimized holder, pre-ground and polished

  • Topologically optimized aerospace fixture, grinded and polished

  • Pre-grinded and smoothed nozzles

  • Grinded and deburred dental shingles

  • Grinded and deburred dental shingles

  • Grinded and polished earpiece of a hearing aid

Additive Manufacturing

Additive manufacturing offers the product designers a degree of freedom, which to date was considered impossible. However, because the products are created by placing material layers on top of each other, a “staircasing” effect is created. Also, 3D printed components have a very high initial surface roughness. Last-but-not-least, the markings of removed support structures and sintered-on powder residue must be removed, before the components can be further processed or utilized.

A proven technology for innovative manufacturing methods

Mass finishing has proven to be the ideal surface finishing method for 3D printed components: Since the components are completely embedded in the moving grinding media, the process is gentle and produces a highly homogeneous, isotropic finish. Moreover, the media also reaches internal passages and undercuts in the components – a significant advantage, especially for work pieces with bionic shapes.

Our mass finishing equipment represents the perfect solution for numerous 3D printing technologies. Be it the removal of support structures, surface smoothing and homogenization or polishing, our mass finishing systems guarantee excellent finishing qualities with a high degree of repeatability and cost efficiency.

Focus on the essentials

In this connection it should be noted that the Walther Trowal grinding media and consumables are already approved for many materials and safety-relevant components and processes in the aerospace industry. The benefits for our customers: The manufacturers of 3D printed components can concentrate their efforts on the optimization of the manufacturing process. For surface finishing they can rely on proven technologies.

Practically all our mass finishing systems are suitable for processing 3D printed components. For delicate work pieces made from high performance materials we recommend our new AM post process machines.

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