• Removal of the scale layer from circlip pliers

  • Blasting of socket wrenches

Tooling industry

In the tooling industry Walther Trowal mass finishing systems are predominantly used for deburring and edge radiusing but also for cleaning, surface smoothing and polishing.

Our experts configure the finishing equipment to precisely meet the processing targets at hand. The result: High-quality tools, which through their high precision, process safety and long service life offer our customers a distinct competitive advantage. 

Machining tools

The edges of carbide inserts are so sharp that without a targeted edge break they would quickly snap. In our rotary vibrators the cutting edges are rounded. During the same operation the surface of the inserts also becomes smoother. This results in less fracturing, an up to 3 times longer service life and a better discharge of the shavings.

Shaping dies

Mass finishing of stamping and shaping dies significantly improves their quality. Polishing of the shaping areas improves the surface characteristics of the tools and improves their service life. The result: A high quality of the shaped work pieces and lower costs for die replacements. 

Levelling of the peaks in the surface profile results in a lower friction coefficient, better flow characteristics and lower torque requirements during the shaping operation. Overall, the wear rate on the die surface will be reduced.

Mass finishing also removes residue from the shaping die surface left over from the drop forge operation and smoothens the surface. This results in a long service life and high quality of the forged work pieces.  

Hand tools

The blanks of pliers, open-jaw wrenches and similar hand tools produced by drop forging, are normally shot blasted to remove the forging scale. This produces a homogeneous surface profile … the ideal condition for subsequent manufacturing stages.

Later on mass finishing equipment is utilized, for example, for deburring, surface smoothing and creating a pre-plate finish on the nearly completed hand tools.

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