• G200 granulate dryer

  • Granulate dryer with anti-dust cover

  • Granulate dryer without corncob shot (granulate)

  • Granulate dryer with extraction connection

  • Granulate dryer with anti-dust cover and extraction connection

  • Granulate dryer filled with corncob shot (granulate)

  • Adjustable screening device

  • Extraction connection for connecting a dust extractor

G-series vibration dryer

Vibration drying

The G-series dryer gently circulates your workpieces by means of vibration, together with the drying medium. The heated drying medium absorbs the moisture from your workpieces. In addition to drying your workpieces, the relative movement between them and the medium also has a polishing effect. 

Protecting your sensitive parts

The bowl channel pitch is helically shaped and has no ramp, making the G dryer especially gentle when handling your workpieces. The high heating power is fully adjustable. The heater with replaceable heating elements is assembled separately from the vibrating section. To ensure your working environment is protected from dust, the dryer can also be fitted with a dust extractor.

Easy integration into the mass finishing process

A rubberised feed hopper for your workpieces is located on the side of the unit, so that you can effortlessly link the dryer with the upstream mass finishing machine. The pneumatically operated screening unit also makes incorporation into a full processing system easier, regardless of whether you are using batch or continuous operation.

The benefits at a glance
  • Additional polishing of your workpieces
  • Helically shaped bowl channel pitch with no ramp
  • Side-mounted rubberised workpiece feed hopper 
  • Fully adjustable heater with replaceable heating elements
  • Integrated screening unit for batch and continuous operation
  • Polyurethane container cladding (optional)
  • Dust cover with integrated dust extractor and filter unit (optional)

Application Images

  • Size 3 corncob shot

  • Size 6 corncob shot

  • Wooden cubes for drying

  • Nut shot