Polishing surfaces

Guaranteed high gloss polishes

The manual polishing of decorative work pieces, such as bath room fittings, is costly and requires a lot of time. Above all, the polishing results depend to a large extent on subjective factors, especially the skill of the personnel.

Compared to these shortcomings our “Trowapast” process  is highly effective. It beats manual polishing operations technically and economically by lengths: At the beginning of the process the grains of the “Trowapast” minerals generate a grinding effect. Over time they are becoming smaller and smaller so that they evolve into fine polishing grains. Therefore, grinding and polishing are taking place in one highly effective finishing process.

After the mineral powder has been completely flushed out of the machine, the work pieces receive their final luster with a special polishing compound that is gently rubbed onto the work pieces by the porcelain polishing media.