• Belt dryer with fan

  • Fan for removing water residues on the workpieces

BF-HL belt dryer

Contactless drying by means of hot air

The BF-HL belt dryer allows you to dry your workpieces using hot air. This procedure is particularly beneficial when your workpieces have the following characteristics: 

  • Sensitive parts that must not come into contact with each other
  • Parts with tight boreholes
  • Long and bulky parts
Efficient drying in the tunnel

Your workpieces are transported through a heated drying tunnel on a fine wire mesh belt, which is also available in premium V4A stainless steel. The temperature and speed of the conveyor belt are both fully adjustable. Special equipment includes a high-pressure air knife, which blows the residual water out of the workpieces prior to drying, as well as an extension of the conveyor belt to make placing and removing the workpieces easier.

The benefits at a glance
  • Fully adjustable operating temperature
  • Fully adjustable conveyor belt speed
  • Low energy consumption thanks to excellent heat insulation (> 100 mm)
  • Special configuration – conveyor belt extension

Application Images

  • Drying aluminium saw profiles