Processing technology

Turnkey-ready solutions for tailored processes

Alongside machinery and systems, we can also offer you solutions with the process media you need for your processes. We specialise here in the increasingly important treatment units for waste water and process water, in order to ensure complete removal of harmful substances and other contaminants.

Adjusting your processes

Although our circulation systems, compounds and flocculants are compatible with each other, it is still possible for unknown substances to enter circulation from the workpieces. These can lead to unforeseen problems. To prevent this, our process technicians provide quick assistance and readjust the process.

Well-adjusted equilibria

Our circulation systems always process the same workpieces with the same contaminations. If you need to change the parts spectrum, such as when you want to process different parts, please call our experts for assistance and advice. Even small changes in the process can lead to problems.

The benefits at a glance
  • Tailored processes for waste water and process water treatment
  • Over 20 years of experience
  • Adjustment of process media and part quantities
  • Complete removal of harmful substances and other contaminations

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Replacement bowls

Is the lining of your mass finishing machine worn? With a replacement bowl, you can get a brand-new product while keeping downtimes to a minimum.

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Do you need help during installation and disassembly? We can often help you on the phone. If you need more help, our on-site service team can come to you.

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Spare parts

Even if your machine is over 50 years old, we can get any spare part you need within a few days. For new machines, we have over 90% of spare parts in storage at all times.

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Electrical and electronic technology

Should you experience a failure, we can always find the right electronic component for Walther Trowal machines young and old, helping you get back to work quickly.

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