• Stainless steel screening for process water tank

  • Replacement springs for vibrators

  • Polyurethane bearings

  • Rubber couplings

  • Polyurethane roller bearing

  • Bowl outlet with steel insert

  • Scraping knife

  • Polyurethane sludge basket

  • Screen decks in different sizes and hole patterns

Spare parts

Every part must be available

That is our policy on spare parts at Walther Trowal, as many of our machines have been in use for 50 years or more. In the event of a defective part, even older circular vibrators, drums or drag finishing units need to be back up and running as soon as possible.

In storage or quickly procured

For newer machines, we always have 90% of spare parts in storage at all times. If they are 10 years old or more, we have 60% of parts ready for delivery. Even if we do not have the required part in storage, we can usually procure or manufacture it within a few days. This ensures your Trowal machine will keep running for many years to come.

Making sure you get the part you need fast

Each of our systems has a clear spare parts plan. It contains the item and identification numbers that we use to immediately identify the spare part you need. Should you no longer have the plan to hand, which with older machines is a distinct possibility, you can find the system's type designation, the customer order number/commission number/machine number and the year of production on the machine type plate. We can use this data to quickly procure the required part. Simply send us a photo of the type plate.

Delivery within 2 to 3 days

As soon as we know which spare part you need, we send it within three days. In urgent cases, we can also deliver within 24 hours upon request. If you need the part even sooner, we can have it delivered via courier service within a few hours.

Should you have any problems installing the replacement part, our repair service is just a phone call away.

The benefits at a glance
  • Every spare part available
  • Spare parts for older machines available within a few days
  • Delivery by courier within a few hours possible
  • Repair service offers help with installation

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Replacement bowls

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Processing technology

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Do you need help during installation and disassembly? We can often help you on the phone. If you need more help, our on-site service team can come to you.


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Electrical and electronic technology

Should you experience a failure, we can always find the right electronic component for Walther Trowal machines young and old, helping you get back to work quickly.

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