Test lab for small part coating

Expert consultation on coating

In our small part coating test lab, we can find the perfect coating system for you together. Based on your sample work piece and the requirements from the question sheet, our team answers the following questions tailored to your needs:

  • What is the best coating technology? 
  • What is the right machine type? 
  • What is the right drum size? 
  • What is the best spraying time?
We love a challenge, so send us a sample of your workpiece.

We will be happy to design the best process for you. Simply fill out and send the question sheet together with your sample workpiece. After assessing the situation, our team will advise you on your processing goal.

Take a look over our shoulder at the test lab

Book an appointment and come to our test lab to see for yourself how we create your processing system. You can also be present for our tests using your workpieces. Get in touch! You can of course contact our experts at any time with any questions you have about process technology.

The benefits at a glance
  • Individual consultation on your coating requirements
  • Based on your specific workpiece and question sheet
  • Expert assessment
  • Available at all times for questions

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Your contact partners
Emmrich Stolla

Director of the small part coating test lab

+49 (0) 2129 571-310

+49 (0) 2129 571-225

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Frank Siegel

Small part coating sales manager

+49 (0) 2129 571-308

+49 (0) 2129 571-225

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Test lab for surface technology

Do you want to process your workpieces using a mass finishing or blasting process? We assess your sample in our test lab, before developing the perfect conditions for processing together with you.

More information
Sample processing request

Simply fill out the question sheet and send it to us with the workpiece you need to process. Our teams in the test labs will always be able to find the solution that is best suited to you.

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