Adhesive coating

For a strong bond between elastomers and substrates

Our adhesive coating systems create a strong bond between elastomers and substrates (metal or plastic) for the production of seals or vibration-damping elements. During this vulcanisation process, we work with water or solvent-based adhesives, depending on the material. This helps ensure that the final product is as robust as possible.

Combining the properties of two components in one

For some solutions, a single coat is enough. More common are two-coat systems, consisting of primer and cover. The two elements combine to form a component that unites their properties, such as rubber and metal. The metal element provides rigidity, whilst the rubber element can fulfil a range of functions. The choice of elastomer depends on the component's purpose, such as sealing, damping, etc.

The benefits at a glance
  • Strong bond between elastomers and substrates
  • Vulcanisation results in a robust end product
  • One and two-layer system
  • Properties of two elements combined in a single component


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