We have everything you need, from process media for the perfect surface to spare parts and accessories for small part coating.

As a surface processing specialist, Walther Trowal offers a wide range of processing types to help you achieve the perfect result. Whether you want to evenly blast your workpieces, clean components or coat small parts made from a variety of materials, we can develop the ideal process that allows you to work productively and efficiently to stay competitive. We offer:

  • Blasting technology
  • Small part coating
  • Cleaning technology
  • Cutlery cleaning
Blasting technology

Our belt transport system gently circulates your workpieces as they are continuously transported through the machine and blasted evenly from all sides. This saves you time and money.

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Small part coating

One or two automatic spraying units quickly and efficiently coat your plastic, elastomer, metal or wooden small parts using water or solvent-based paint or varnish. These units can also be flexibly expanded for standard and special solutions.

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Cleaning technology

Free your components of dirt and grease within 20 to 40 minutes with the right combination of cleaning media, detergent and water. Even larger dirt particles are removed.

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Cutlery cleaning

We produce efficient cutlery cleaning units and process media to help you get spotless cutlery, even when dealing with large quantities and stubborn, dried-on stains.

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