Centrifugal disc finishing units

For intensive mass finishing

Perfectly suited to removing heavy burrs and for rounding edges on small and medium workpieces, Turbotron centrifugal disc finishing units have an abrasive action that is ten times stronger than that of circular vibrators, making them particularly efficient. Processing your workpieces in the centrifugal force tank can save both time and costs. Special process methods also enable fine finishing and polishing.

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TT...A/2C centrifugal disc finishing unit

The two-batch principle helps you both improve productivity and minimise costly auxiliary process times. The centrifugal disc finishing units are also ideal for automating your processes, and are also available as a tandem version.

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TT...B centrifugal disc finishing unit

This modular system can help you find an individual solution for your mass finishing processes, using either electromechanical or hydraulic technology depending on size. You can also fit the individual machines with a feeder, screening machine and a return transport system for abrasive media.

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TT...SM centrifugal disc finishing unit

This pivoting centrifugal disc finishing unit with attached screening machine and integrated abrasive media hopper is both compact and cost effective.

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