Circular vibrators

A versatile solution

From deburring and rounding to high-gloss polishing, circular vibrators are universal mass finishing machines that can help you process a wide range of materials. You can use them for roughly pre-grinding workpieces, for example, or for producing surfaces ready for electroplating. Circular vibrators work extremely efficiently, making them suitable for use as both stand-alone units or as part of automated production procedures.


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CB circular vibrators

Thanks to their robust steel construction with reinforced imbalance drive, the CB circular vibrators are particularly suited for ball burnishing and pressure deburring.

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CD circular vibrator

Do you need to process large and sensitive workpieces? The CD circular vibrators with integrated screening unit offer you a universal solution.

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CM circular vibrators

Our CM circular vibrators are the perfect choice for large, heavy and sensitive parts. Supplied without an integrated screening unit, they are available with an optional pneumatic bowl outlet and moving separating plate.

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MV multivibrators

MV multivibrators are our individual solution for fine finishing and polishing, offering high reproducibility and a uniform finishing pattern for fragile and work-intensive workpieces.

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CF circular vibrators

This is the entry-level model among our circular vibrators. Seven different configurations with a range of different bowl sizes offer excellent efficiency and maximum cost effectiveness.

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AM Multivibrators

In one single process the AM Multivibrators are smoothing out the surface roughness on 3D printed components, which among other reasons is caused by staircasing, support structure remnants and sintered-on powder residues.

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