Media and Compound

For perfect processing results

From ceramic and plastic abrasive media to polishing media, compounds and special media, the right combination can help give your workpiece the perfect surface. We offer a wide range of process media for special processes in all kinds of applications. From rough finishing, polishing and refining to creating surfaces ready for electroplating, we can create the ideal process for you.

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Plastic abrasive media

Ideal for soft surfaces such as die-cast metal, plastic abrasive media allow you to process your workpieces even more gently. They are also resistant to splitting and retain their shape.

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Compounds boost the abrasion performance. They are also suitable for cleaning, degreasing and protecting against corrosion. Our powder compounds can also be used for workpiece polishing.

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Ceramic abrasive media

The high density of ceramic abrasive media allows you to generate a very high abrasion pressure and quickly remove even stubborn burrs. Ceramic also has a very long service life.

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Special media

Pressure deburring or a gentle, fine deburring may be required, depending on the workpiece. Our special media can help you get the effect you want on every workpiece, with the perfect processing result.

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Flocculant compounds

Our flocculant compounds bind abraded material, metal and oil into large flocs. This allows you to easily clean the process water in an environmentally friendly way.

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