Cleaning and recycling the process water

After mass finishing, the process water contains abraded material from the metal and abrasive media. Oil and dissolved metals are also often present. When cleaning in a centrifuge, the solid particles are removed from the contaminated water and separated as an airtight sludge. This results in a clean water/compound mixture that you can reuse for processing your workpieces. Alongside your centrifuge's annual maintenance as per accident prevention regulations, we also offer you a regular service in line with legal requirements.

Centrifuges cannot be used everywhere. They are not suitable for the following mass finishing applications:

  • Chemically accelerated procedures and paste processes
  • Multi-stage processing with various compounds
  • Pickling processes with acids
  • Ball burnishing applications
ZA peeling centrifuge

Clean up to 2,000 litres in fully automatic operation! The PLC-controlled ZA centrifuge features a modular design, and can be ideally adjusted to your requirements.

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ZM basket centrifuge

With its intuitive control and robust construction, the ZM basket centrifuge can help you clean up to 1,000 litres of process water per hour. The sludge basket is emptied manually.

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