Small part coating

Coating of mass produced, small parts – also for complex surface geometries

The Rotamat coaters are the economic solution for improving the surface of mass produced small parts by coating made from elastomers, metal or wood – for example, O-rings, handles, springs or screws.

Even parts that have a complex shape or are extremely delicate are discharged from the machine with a perfect coating and completely dry.

The coating process in the rotary drum is full automatic. The cost-intensive and time-consuming placing of the parts on special racks – required in conventional coating systems – is no longer necessary.

The Rotamat coater allows the use of a wide variety of different coating materials. Typical applications are:

  • Decorative coatings Improves the part surfaces with a wide range of decorative and functional coating materials, eco-friendly, solvent-free lacquers and single- or two-component special lacquers.
  • Lubricating coatings Reduces the coefficient of friction and prevents chatter and stick/slip effects on small parts like O-rings, sealing components or valve stems. It also facilitates the problem-free separation of the work pieces.
  • Application of a bonding agent Single or double layer systems consisting of primer and cover create a strong bond between the substrate and the elastomer.
  • Coating for corrosion protection Creates a long lasting protective layer without the use of hazardous chemicals. For example, compared to dip/spin coating the drives of small and micro screws remain open providing the required optimum grip.
  • Coating for insulation purposes Special coating materials provide an insulating layer for electronic components like ferrite cores and rings or capacitor sleeves.
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Small part coating sales

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Rotamat R 60

Capacity between 2 and 15 L, respectively batch weight of maximum 25 kg. Manual tilting of the rotary drum.

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Rotamat R 80

Our latest model, the Rotamat R 80, was developed in 2016 and processes 50 litres of filling volume or 50 kg of weight. The machine can help you achieve perfect coating results and high productivity.

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Rotamat R 90 C

Our high-performance premium machine guarantees outstanding productivity. With a processing volume of 75 litres, you can coat even large batches quickly and efficiently. The computer-aided, automated process helps you get perfect coating results.

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