• Video: TT centrifugal disc finishing unit

  • B-series centrifugal disc finishing unit

  • Emptying the work bowl

  • View of the work bowl with rotary plate

  • TT 25 with attached screening and pouring device

  • TT 25 front view

  • TT 25 side view

  • View of the work bowl with rotary plate

  • Emptying into the screening and pouring device

TT...B centrifugal disc finishing unit

Individual solutions

If you are searching for a custom solution for your mass finishing processes, the TT...B series is the best choice. The modular system allows you to fit the individual machines with feeders, screening machines and abrasive media return transport systems as required.

Electromechanical or hydraulic systems available

The work bowl can be pivoted either electromechanically (TT 25, TT 45) or hydraulically. You can also partially automate processing with the respective peripheral devices such as feeding and separating units.

The benefits at a glance
  • Individual mass finishing solution
  • Modular system
  • Choose from electromechanical or hydraulic system
  • Partial automation possible

Application Images

  • Links on watch straps

  • Chain links

  • Washers

  • Coin blanks

  • Pencil sharpener blades

  • Metal clips on pens