• M-TMD 4M

  • Front door with manually operated operating window for workpiece carrier change

  • Control cabinet with Eaton touchscreen 10" to control all functions

  • Wet water application tank lined with spray pu

  • Machine frame as a stable welded construction

  • Direction of rotation reversal optionally right / left

  • Carousel with stepless speed control


A highly efficient method without the risk of work pieces damaging each other

Compared to standard mass finishing systems the newly developed M-TMD machine range finish high-value components 10 to 20 times more efficiently! By mounting the work pieces individually to workstations, which are part of a rotating carousel, you can process up to 18 work pieces in one single batch without risking part-on-part impingement.

Different workstation angles - relative to their vertical position - allow the individual adaption of the machine parameters to your work pieces and guarantee absolutely stable finishing processes with excellent and repeatable results.


  • Orthopedic implants (medical engineering)
  • Turbine blades (for airplanes as well stationary turbines)
  • Precision components, for example, for pumps and compressors
  • Work pieces made from tungsten carbide and other hard metals
  • Fan wheels for turbo chargers (automotive industry)
  • Sintered components, etc.


Application Images

  • Implants (medical technology)

  • Turbine blades (aviation industry)

  • Impeller for turbocharger (automotive industry)

  • Sintered parts