• Video: CB circular vibrators

  • CF circular vibrator with bowl outlet

  • CF circular vibrator

  • Water and process media inlet

  • Process water outlet, also used for removing abrasive media

CF circular vibrators

Our entry-level model – Efficient and cost effective

The circular vibrators of the CF series are a perfect and simple introduction to mass finishing. The seven different configurations, with a range of different bowl sizes, offer excellent efficiency and maximum cost effectiveness. The CF circular vibrators are easy to operate and can be expanded with accessories for sound deadening or metering, for example.

Processing and separation – Smooth mass finishing

The work bowl with an evenly rising floor is perfect for processing your workpieces, as the zero-maintenance vibration flange motor works at two different speeds. The pneumatic separator flap and long separation zone allow you to gently separate your workpieces from the abrasive media. This creates a smooth mass finishing process with excellent results.

The benefits at a glance
  • Integrated screening unit
  • Pneumatically operated separator flap
  • Zero-maintenance vibration flange motors
  • Two-speed drive
  • Bowl sizes from 100 to 1,200 litres
  • Available accessories: sound deadening lid, metering unit, magnetic separator, vibration dryer

Application Images

  • Polishing cooking pot handles

  • Derusting workpieces

  • Grinding and smoothing turbine blades