• Video: TT centrifugal disc finishing units

  • Centrifugal disc finishing unit in working position

  • Centrifugal disc finishing unit in screening position

  • Centrifugal disc finishing unit with operator

  • Tilting process of a TT...SM

  • View into the work bowl

  • Manual gap adjustment

TT...SM centrifugal disc finishing unit

Compact and pivoting

Centrifugal disc finishing units from the TT...SM range have an attached screening machine and integrated hopper for abrasive media. After processing the workpieces, the entire unit pivots by 135° to separate the abrasive media and workpiece mass on the screening machine.

Suitable for high-value workpieces

While the system pivots back into the working position, the abrasive media are conveyed back into the work bowl. This centrifugal disc finishing unit is particularly well suited to processing high-value workpieces, making it a popular choice in the aerospace industry for example.

The benefits at a glance
  • Compact design saves space
  • Cost effective
  • Suitable for processing limited quantities

Application Images

  • Coin blanks

  • Chain links

  • Links on watch straps

  • Washers

  • Metal clips on pens

  • Pencil sharpener blades