• Video: AV continuous units

  • AV continuous unit

  • AV continuous unit with a BF-HL hot-air dryer

  • Screening machine with rinsing unit

  • Abrasive media return transport belt with pivoting filling hopper

AV unit

Continuous trowalizing of non-sensitive parts

The AV range of continuous units allows you to continuously process large quantities, with no need to interrupt the mass finishing process to add new workpieces. Thanks to the trough-shaped work bowl, you can process small and medium non-sensitive mass-produced parts (punched parts, die-cast parts, etc.), as well as larger parts (oil tanks, cylinder head covers, etc.).

The benefits at a glance
  • Continuous workpiece processing
  • Interruption-free workpiece loading
  • Trough-shaped work bowl
  • Easy to integrate in fully automated mass finishing processes
  • Simple material handling without batch loading

Application Images

  • Cylinder head covers

  • Different die-cast aluminium workpieces

  • Motorbike gearbox covers

  • Motorbike rocker arms